Limited Edition Giclees

Larger format, limited edition prints. Size of prints varies depending on image. Giclees are printed on a heavy archival matt surface and are limited to only 100.

Aspiration - 20x14 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($85.00)

Original: SOLD

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Gate - 20x14 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($85.00)

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Incantations - 12x18 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($50.00)

Yexian - Transformations - 12x18 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($65.00)

Note: Prints of this item are on pre-order and will not be shipped until beginning of November

Original painting is watercolor and gold leaf, in a custom designed wood lasercut frame, and sealed with resin.

Print is unframed (the frame shown in the first picture is an integrated part of the original painting)

Mosaic IV - Vanishing - 12x18 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($55.00)

A Meeting of Tangled Paths - 12x18 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($60.00)

Moon Gazing - 12x18 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($55.00)

Raven God - 12x18 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($55.00)

One of Norse god Odin's many names: Hrafnagud, Raven God. For his companions Huginn and Muninn. They fly out across the world at dawn and return to him in the evening with information of what they have seen.

Flow Series - 18x24 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($85.00)

When Flowers Dream III - 18x24 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($85.00)

The Blue Below - 12x18 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($55.00)

The Blue Above - 12x18 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($55.00)

Moment of Suspension - 12x18 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($65.00)

Transcendence - 18x24 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($85.00)

Seeking Other Skies - 12x18 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($75.00)

Flow - 12x12 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($45.00)

Blue Rose - 18x24 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($75.00)

Transition - 12x18 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($55.00)

Companion piece to Trance and Descension

Descension - 12x18 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($55.00)

Companion piece to Trance and Transition

Descants - 18x24 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($75.00)

Reverie - 12x12 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($35.00)

When Flowers Dream II - 18x24 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($85.00)

Trance - 12x18 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($55.00)

Companion piece to Transition and Descension

Insecta - Dragonfly - 12x12 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($40.00)

When Flowers Dream - 18x24 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($85.00)

Thriae - Daphnis - 18x24 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($75.00)

In The Homeric Hymns, the Thriae were a trio of nymphs on Mount Parnassus, who were said to have taught and given Apollo the gift of prophecy. They were called Melissae, bee-priestesses, with pollen in their hair and honeybee wings.

Scherzando - 12x12 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($39.00)

Resonance - 18x24 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($95.00)

Magpie Rhyme - 18x24 Limited Edition with gold (100) ($95.00)

Magpie Rhyme - 18x24 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($85.00)

On the Darkest Night - 20x30 inch Giclee Print ($110.00)

Faery festivities

Where The Shadow Used to Fall - 20x30 inch Giclee Print ($90.00)

We walked once where the shadow used to fall:
watched the eclipse blot out the sun,
and the streaming beams between the
pinhole gaps of leaves became
a cascade of glowing crescents across the ground.

Where the shadow used to fall,
the rain did not.
Dense, dry, fallen carpet of the years
pooled at the Giant's feet.
Blanket of crisp leaves and needles. Sap and compost.

My shadow falls, where its shadow used to fall;
and when the sun fades to my back,
I stand upon the hundred rings.
I reach my fingers up up UP to a ghost canopy.
The sunset melts amber sap down my shoulder blades,
down my spine.
And I watch as my shadow grows tall,
then melts into the shadow-less evening.

Tam Lin - The Faery Host - 23x42 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($125.00)

The giclee print of this piece is a small limited edition run of 100 prints.

Gloomy, gloomy was the night,
And eerie was the way,
As fair Jenny in her green mantle
To Miles Cross she did gae.

At the mirk and midnight hour
She heard the bridles sing,
She was as glad at that
As any earthly thing.

-Child ballad #39A Tam Lin
The English and Scottish Popular Ballads, 1882-1898 by Francis James Child

Dragon Pearl - 20x14 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($60.00)

There is a Chinese story of the dragon's pearl.

On day, a young boy was out looking for food. He came across a beautiful giant pearl nestled in the rice fields. He takes it home with him and shows it to his mother. Afraid that the other villagers will be jealous, she quickly hides it inside a near-empty rice jar.

The next day as the mother prepares to make food, she opens the rice jar and to her astonishment, jar is brimming with rice. The pearl gleams among the white grains. "It is a miraculous pearl!" she and the boy exclaim in wonder. Joyously, they share the rice among their neighbors, careful to keep the source the the plenty a secret.

But as secrets have a way of doing, it eventually got out and the villagers became wild with jealousy.

They came raiding the house of the boy and his mother, determined to possess the magical pearl, and in the confusion and violence, the boy swallowed the pearl.

He was transformed into a beautiful dragon, and he danced away into the heavens with the flaming pearl.

First Last Unicorn - 20x14 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($40.00)

Cover illustration for Peter S. Beagle's upcoming collection THE FIRST LAST UNICORN AND OTHER BEGINNINGS, which will be printed by Tachyon Publications.

Chessmates - 18x24 Limited Edition Giclee (100) ($65.00)

What else is there to do while idling away the hours in a forest?